RP Racing

With expert advice and over 40 years experience with Classic Performance & Muscle Cars, RP Racing is here to help.

Our on-site sister companies, Rodney Plowman Restorations & The Muscle Car Parts Garage, means we not only fabricate, fit and manufacture on-site but we also sell high quality classic & reproduction Muscle Car Parts. So when you use an RP Racing product, you know we manufacture and fit it ourselves.

Dyno Tuning

Here at RP Racing we have a 2500RWHP Rated Dyno Dynamics dyno and qualified staff that can help get the most from your engine. Call us today to book on (08) 8326 0427.

Engine Builds: Stock & Performance

At RP Racing attention to detail is everything, especially when it comes to building engines. Catering for all types of engine builds we can design a build around your needs, whether it be show-stopping detail, increasing horsepower whilst minimizing physical appearance (retaining a concours appearance) or just stuffing as many cubes in as possible!

Custom Fabrication Shop

Not all builds are concours/replications and when custom metalwork is required, that’s when parts and projects enter the RP Racing fab room. Here’s just some of the equipment the Fab Shop has: Mill, Lathe, English Wheel, Bead Roller, Sheet Metal Folder, Pipe Bender, Shrinker/Stretcher and TIG/MIG/OXY & Spot Welders.

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